Here are just a few of the initiatives we’ve undertaken in an effort to promote environmentally responsible practices.

Lancer has eliminated 70% of food packaging waste by switching from disposable plates and containers to china and stainless steel flatware.

Lancer actively participates in the recycling of cardboard, plastic, glass and in a growing number of accounts, the organic recycling of food scraps and waste.

Lancer has eliminated the use of single service condiments and replaced them with bulk condiment dispensers wherever possible.

When the use of disposable packaging cannot be avoided, Lancer sources food wares that are composed of rapidly renewable materials rather than petroleum based products whenever possible and practical.

Lancer sources local products when possible to get the freshest ingredients as well as to reduce transportation costs and emissions.

Lancer includes healthy alternatives on our menus to encourage our customers to increase their consumption of healthy grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein and complex carbohydrates.

Lancer sources cleaning supplies that have the lowest Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content possible and are non-toxic whenever possible. Our chemicals are green seal approved.

Lancer features a locally sourced menu whenever possible to give customers fresh options and help reduce our carbon footprint.